Parco Cinque Terre


Recommended Accommodations in Cinque Terre

Hotels are not a common sight in the Cinque Terre. In fact the people of the 5 towns limit the building of any major hotels or buildings to preserve its historical charm. Since you won’t find hotels (there are a few small independent hotels) the most common form of accomodation in Cinque Terre is Bed and Breakfast. You will see signs that say Camere. In Italian that means “room” or “rooms.” Check em out when you arrive they all have unique features, different views, great character, and sometimes include breakfast. Usually the family is very friendly and always willing to help you out. Sometimes these rooms can’t be booked ahead of time, but with more people on the web they are creating webpages. If they have email addresses use them to make a booking. If they have a phone number you can use Skype or Voipbuster to make a phone calls really cheap.

Aside from hotels and bed and breakfast inns there is also the option for staying in a hostel. Riomaggiore has hostel accomodation.

Vernazza Accomodations
Air B&B has a number of options in Vernazza.

Riomaggiore Hotels

Corniglia Accomodations

Monterosso Hotels

Hotel Pasquale is very popular. It is located in the old part of Monterosso. The hotel is actually located on the Cinque Terre trail. This is probably the nicest hotel in all of the five towns. One caveat, is that the hotel is located very close to the train tracks.

Day tripping to Cinque Terre – Where to Stay?

Many visitors, probably the majority of visitors, do not stay in Cinque Terre overnight. It is seen as a day trip destination. Many tourists stay in nearby La Spezia, or Milan.

With a number of Milan Hostels nearby it is really easy and cheap to visit The Cinque Terre as a day trip destination.