Parco Cinque Terre


Getting to Cinque Terre

Often a stopover for people visting Tuscany, Santa Margherita, Portofino, or Milan, Cinque Terre is worth a trip all in itself. Whether you are going to Monterosso Al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, or Riomaggiore, there are several ways of getting to Cinque Terre, Italy. My personal favorite arrival method is by train. However, if you are not arriving via Milan, Florence, or say Venice, and are in the southern part of Italy, then it might be feasible to fly to Pisa or Genova then take the train in.

Arriving By Car:


  • From the A12, between Genova-La Spezia, you can exit at the toll booth in Carrodano and then go ahead to Levanto-Monterosso. In the opposite direction, exiting at the toll booth in Brugnato, you can reach Monterosso. Coming from La Spezia you can take the Litoranea road, and reach Riomaggiore and Manarola. A narrow and winding street, called “dei Santuari”, links the five quarters one to the other.

Arriving By Train:

Railway Stations:

  • Not only is this the best way to arrive to Cinque Terre in terms of less hassle, but also its the most beautiful way to arrive. Trains will burst out of tunnels to amazing views of the ocean view cliffs. The trains run frequently, especially during the summer. Trains start in La Spezia, on the Pisa-Genova line, where all the long-distance trains stop. If you are coming from Florence, you will have to change trains in La Spezia. From Milan, you will have to change in Sestri Levante.

Public Transport


  • La Spezia – Sestri Levante


  • In spring and summer there are daily connections by ferry from La Spezia, Lerici, and Porto Venere. The five towns of Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola, Corniglia, and Riomaggiore are connected during the day by inner navigation lines, with Monterosso as a jump off point. From Monterosso and Riomaggiore there is ferry service to Portofino, Santa Margherita, as well as Genova.

Arrive By Plane:

The two closes Airports in Italy to Cinque Terre are: